This is Coony! If you look at her stomach you can tell she is nursing.

So it is almost 1 o'clock in the morning and I am wide awake. I have been sitting for over an hour on my back porch with the cat curled up in my lap and taking pictures of Coony the raccoon that has gotten very used to being around us.

We noticed how skinny she was and she was not that afraid of us. So we have been talking to her and calling her to come eat. When she hears us shake the can she comes. Well, last week here she comes down the fence line with a bunch of babies following her. They were so cute! I told my mom and a couple of days later she said they were young but not babies. I started thinking that since we have about 6 adults that come around there may be more than one with babies.

Tonight we walked out side and three young racoons were sitting and eating! They never tried to run just watched us go back and forth. So I decided to go grab my camera and just sit on the deck. Libby our cat decided to come curl up in my lap and would not let me move or he would claw me. I was sitting a foot from the food bowl and here comes Coony around the horse barn. My mom came out excited saying she had a bunch of babies with her. They never came out from the back of the barn but she said these were babies!

Coony heard me talking and walked up to the food bowl and sat with us and she ate. While she was eating this really old looking fat raccoon came up and saw her and made a noise at Coony and stood up and watched her then he saw me. He put his head down and hobbled away. Next I see this little head watching me from the bottom of the deck. He was so funny because he wound pop up and grab a hand full of food then hide. Each time he would stay a few more seconds.

I realize if my mom would not have told me how late it was I would have been out there for hours.

Below is Peeping Tom!!!
7/15/2012 02:34:42 am

Took the day off and was just reading up some blogs and thought I would post here

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    I love where we live!!! I do not think I could ever live in a big city! People have told us we have a mini farm or zoo...we must be crazy but we love our zoo!!!


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